A KiwiSaver plan that's simply better

Simplicity is the online, nonprofit KiwiSaver plan that only charges members what it costs, nothing more.

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Let’s turn back this clock

Total fees for all KiwiSaver schemes since 1st Jan 2019*.
At over $1,000 per minute, 24/7, KiwiSaver fees are the largest household expense we’ve never heard of.

Because we're nonprofit, Simplicity only charges members what it costs, nothing more.

This means an average $65,000* more for our members in retirement.
* Please see assumptions here

We call it the Simplicity difference


Find out your Simplicity difference.

You are years old and earn $ a year. Your current KiwiSaver balance is $Leave blank if you don’t know, we’ll use the average member balance.YOUR SIMPLICITY DIFFERENCE

Switch to Simplicity and you could have around
589,000 by the time you're 65.

Your Simplicity difference could be 41,000


Calculated by comparing average fees charged for KiwiSaver growth funds vs our growth fund. Assumes growth rate of 6.67%, 6% contributions, Prescribed Investor Rate of 17.5% and 1% pa salary growth. All calculations are Simplicity estimates. This example is for illustration purposes only, to show the compounding effect of reduced fees. Actual performance will differ, and no particular return can be promised or guaranteed. Investment in a growth fund may not be appropriate and investors should get financial advice. All figures supplied by Melville Jessop Weaver


Yep. Big

How we do it

Regulations now allow a 100% online KiwiSaver plan. No need for costly branches and commissions.
Technology allows a smarter, more transparent service. Switching takes two minutes, we do the rest.
Our model is very successful overseas eg. Vanguard, who manage our overseas investments.

We invest with a conscience

All Simplicity funds exclude investments in nuclear weapons, tobacco, cluster munitions and landmines.

We're excluding investments in fossil fuel extraction, other weapons, pornography, alcohol and gambling too.

We care about charity

We donate 15% of the management fee you pay to the Simplicity Charitable Trust.

The Trust chooses which charities receive the donations. Check out the charities that have been supported here


Charitable donations so far

We're there for your kids

Because your kids deserve to have the best start in life, we waive all membership fees ( $30 p.a.) until they're 18. Our investment fee of 0.31% will still be charged.

If a parent signed up their child into Simplicity KiwiSaver at birth, they would save $540 in fees by the time they turned 18.

We can guarantee your retirement income too

We can guarantee 5% after tax income in retirement.

Some of our supporters

Here's some of the companies who've chosen Simplicity as their preferred KiwiSaver provider.

We like to work with the best

Our business partners are the best at what they do. We all benefit from their expertise.
Public trust is the Supervisor and Custodian.
MMC, Supplier of administration, unit pricing and accounting services.
KPMG Audits the funds
Fund Management
Vanguard, the world's second largest asset manager.
Innovation Partner
Helping companies create transformative growth through new products and business models.

Signing up takes less than
2 mins. (We'll do the rest)