First home loans

We're now offering first home loans to our members. We'll beat the banks, save you money and help get you into your first home faster. Simple.

How it works

It’s simple. If you’ve;

- Been in KiwiSaver for at least 3 years, and;
- Been a Simplicity KiwiSaver member for at least a year, and;
- Are buying your first home;
You’ll be eligible to enter our monthly ballot.

If your name is drawn in the ballot and you meet our qualifying home loan criteria, you'll have six months to find your first home. If you're not selected, you can put your name back into subsequent monthly ballots until your name is drawn.

Check out our FAQs section below for further details.


I earn $ per year before tax.
My deposit is $
My partner earns $ per year before tax.

You could borrow up to $289,000

Your minimum monthly repayments would be $1,587

Based on our current first home floating interest rate of 2.95%p.a.

Time to repay 30 years

These are estimates only and are based on a principal plus interest mortgage of 30 years, at a floating interest rate of 2.95% per annum. The minimum monthly repayments include principal and interest. Because the loans are floating rate, Simplicity reserves the right to change the interest rate payable at anytime. However, any rise in interest rate payable will not come into effect until 3 months after the announcement date.


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