Our Story

Simplicity is a nonprofit fund manager, owned by the Simplicity Foundation. We're here to make Kiwis richer and smarter with money. Simple %)

Why Simplicity?

We want all New Zealanders to have dignity.

How we help

A dignified life is one with choices. And more money means more choices.

What we do

As a Nonprofit, we're here to make Kiwis more money by charging low, low fees.

It's simple.

Money = Choices = Dignity.

Our Team

We're only as good as our people. Our staff and volunteers are passionate about giving Kiwis dignity.

Our Charity

Giving is good. 15% of our fee goes to the Simplicity Foundation. The more we grow, the more we can give.

Our Manifesto

We're not your usual KiwiSaver provider and fund manager. Our motivations set us apart from the crowd.

Ethical Investing

We invest with a conscience. It's the right thing to do, and we believe it will be good for long term investment returns too.
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