Community Housing

Our funds invest in mortgage-backed community housing bonds that fund community housing providers.

Housing is a human right

We believe that housing is a basic human right.

Our funds invest in community housing bonds which provide funding for local and regional community housing providers across New Zealand.

These investments have already provided funding for 165 homes, and over time we hope to help fund community housing providers to make thousands more homes available across the country.

A good start

Progress so far

$36 Million

Community housing bond funding


Community homes funded

Our goal

Generate good returns for members, and over the long-term help to fund thousands more community homes nationwide.

Community homes funded





Frequently asked questions

Because the bonds we buy from Community Finance are considered NZ Fixed Interest, and form 10% of our NZ Bond Fund, all of our diversified KiwiSaver and Investment Funds, and our NZ Bond Fund have some exposure to community housing bonds.

To see how much of your fund is invested in community housing bonds, look under KiwiSaver or Investment Funds for the fund you're invested in (or interested in investing in!) and then find What this fund invests in. The bonds are part of the New Zealand fixed interest allocation.

You can also see what this would be in dollars and cents by using the Where in the world is my money? calculator on our website and clicking on New Zealand. Look for CORT and CFHB under New Zealand investments.

Or if you're a member, log in to your account and see exactly what you have invested by clicking ‘Where in the World is my money?’ on the main menu.

Community homes are typically built by local community housing providers. They arrange funding with Community Finance, who issue community housing bonds backed by mortgages on the homes built and sold.

Minutes to join

Grab your IRD number and driver licence or passport, and fill in the form. We’ll do everything else %)