Private Equity

We believe in investing in the powerhouse of our economy, private and family-owned businesses.

Backing successful private companies

The Simplicity Private Equity Fund invests in Venture Capital and Private Equity.

Its private equity investments focus on established small and medium sized businesses in New Zealand that are not listed on a public exchange.

These private companies are the powerhouse of our economy and are often quiet success stories.

These types of investments are not usually accessible to the investing public but as a patient long-term investor we are sometimes invited to help unlock private capital and participate in their success.

While unlisted investments often require a substantial upfront commitment, they can yield greater returns compared to purchasing shares on the public stock market. 

We do the challenging work of identifying and investing in strong and growing companies, allowing our members to help grow great companies in New Zealand that will shape a better future for Aotearoa New Zealand.

We typically want to buy less than 20% of any company, not sit on the Board, and let them get on with running their business. 

While Simplicity is invested in the success of these companies, once invested we want to play a passive role. This allows the companies we're backing to do what they are best at. 

We don’t invest in certain sectors, according to our Responsible Investment Policy.

This is a long term investment strategy. We have made our first investments, and hope to make many more in the decades ahead.

Progress so far

$36 Million




Our goal

Investments in 100+ private and family owned businesses across New Zealand.

Companies we're invested in


Quantifi Photonics

Pure Food Company

Icehouse Ventures

Tax Traders


Reliable Foundations



Digital solutions for economies

The Wellington-based company DataTorque is a leading global player in revenue management software. They operate in 16 countries, helping governments more efficiently collect taxes and provide better public services.

A problem that was hard to swallow

Specialising in formulated, nutrient-rich soft foods, The Pure Food Co. is a home-grown Kiwi startup helping address significant nutrition issues faced by a rapidly aging population.

Frequently asked questions

We engage directly with companies and their stakeholders (e.g., directors, shareholders, accountant, lawyer, advisors, industry body). The investment decision involves rigorous due diligence and an assessment that the prospective risk-adjusted returns are better than those on listed markets. We closely monitor these investments.

We typically invest $3-10 million per company.

We invest in a wide range of companies. We do not typically invest in the primary industry sector, and all direct investments are made according to our Responsible Investment Policy.


To see how much of your fund is invested in to Private Equity, look under KiwiSaver or Investment Funds for the fund you're invested in (or interested in investing in!), and then find What this fund invests in. Private Equity investments are part of the New Zealand shares allocation.

You can also see what this would be in dollars and cents by using the Where in the world is my money? calculator on our website. Look for NZ Private Equity Investments (5 companies) under New Zealand investments.

Or if you are a member, log in to your account and see exactly what you have invested by clicking ‘Where in the World is my money?’ on the main menu.

Minutes to join

Grab your IRD number and driver licence or passport, and fill in the form. We’ll do everything else %)