For all Simplicity KiwiSaver Funds and non KiwiSaver funds as at 12/04/2024



Simplicity launched around a kitchen table in September 2016, and we haven’t looked back since %).

Estimates of the Manager’s growth rates are based on analysis of annual industry funds under management data published in the Morningstar KiwiSaver Survey | December Quarter 2022


Annual Fees Saved Per Member*
Simplicity KiwiSaver Growth Fund fee vs the KiwiSaver Growth Fund average industry fee per Sorted Smart Investor on 01/02/2024, calculated on a static investment balance of $50,000. The industry average fee may change, and actual fees paid may vary based on investor balance over a given year.

Based on $50,000 in the Simplicity KiwiSaver Growth Fund vs. the industry average fee. We’re focused on making money for members, not from them.


Charitable Donations So Far

15% of our fees go to the Simplicity Foundation. As we grow, our donations will too.


Funds Under Management

Our funds grow as our members and range of funds increase.