KiwiSaver Fund

This fund has 80% growth assets and 20% income assets.


The minimum suggested investment timeframe is 9 years.

Simplicity Fee


Market Average

1.14% *

* Market average fee sourced from Sorted Smart Investor based on $10,000 in diversified funds with a similar growth / income asset allocation as at 2 May 2024. Simplicity fee as at 2 May 2024.

Why invest in this fund?

Invests for growth

This fund has a high allocation of growth assets, such as global and local shares and unlisted property.

Designed for high long-term returns

This fund is suitable for investors seeking higher long-term growth, but able to tolerate higher volatility and risk.

Low, low fees

We're focused on keeping fees low. Because the less we take, the more you can make.

Highly diversified

With over 4,000 investments in more than 20 countries, your investment provides exposure to a wide range of assets.

What this fund invests in

Over 4,000 investments in more than 20 countries.

The target asset allocations are 80% in growth assets (59% International shares, 16.5% New Zealand shares, and 4.5% unlisted property), and 20% in income assets (2% cash and cash equivalents, 7.5% New Zealand fixed interest, and 10.5% International fixed interest).


The returns and volatility are likely to be higher over the longer term (10 years or more) than the Balanced Fund but lower than the High Growth Fund.


This option suits members seeking long term growth able to tolerate greater volatility of returns.

Target asset allocation



1 Month


3 Months


1 Year


2 Years


3 Years


5 Years

* These returns are to 30-06-2024 and are before tax and after fund management fees. Yearly returns are per annum. Past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future performance and return periods may differ.

Risk Profile

The risk indicator reflects how much the value of the Fund’s assets goes up and down (volatility). A higher risk generally means higher potential returns over time, but more ups and downs along the way.

Lower risk
Higher risk

Note that even the lowest category does not mean a risk-free investment, and there are other risks that are not captured in this rating. This risk indicator is not a guarantee of a fund’s future performance. While risk indicators are usually relatively stable, they do shift from time to time. The risk indicator reflects the most recent quarterly fund update or the PDS if a fund update has not yet been produced and will continue to be updated in future fund updates. See the product disclosure statement (PDS) for more information about the risk indicator and the risks associated with investing in this fund.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between your High Growth Fund and your Growth Fund?

The High Growth Fund has a higher allocation to growth assets, including international shares and unlisted property investments.

The High Growth Fund has a target asset allocation of 98% in growth assets, compared to 80% for the Growth Fund.

Where is the Growth Fund invested?

To see the top 10 holdings for each fund, as well as a breakdown by region and country, please use our Where is the World is My Money tool at this link.

Key Documents

Latest Fund Update

This document is produced quarterly and tells you how the fund has performed and what fees were charged and will help you to compare the fund with other funds.

Product Disclosure Statement

This document gives you important information to help you decide whether you want to invest. There is other useful information about this offer on

Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives (SIPO)

This policy describes Simplicity NZ Limited’s Governing Principles, provides a description of the Scheme, outlines its purpose and philosophy, its investment objectives and policies. It also covers investment performance monitoring and reporting.

Responsible Investment Policy

This policy describes Simplicity NZ Limited’s approach to responsible investment. This policy is to be read alongside our scheme governing documents, including the Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives (“SIPO”), Product Disclosure Statement (“PDS”) and Other Material Information (“OMI”).

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Minutes to join

Grab your IRD number and driver licence or passport, and fill in the form. We’ll do everything else %)