Simplicity blasts Fletcher Building for lack of Gib

Property developer Simplicity Living says it has cancelled all its orders for Fletcher Building Gib board and is instead directly importing plasterboard because it is cheaper, and faster.

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Why are conservative fund returns worse than growth funds?

In a bear market, conservative funds performance can be worse than growth funds.

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Simplicity invests in new bond supporting women in developing nations

Research has proven that women are superior investors, but capital markets are now seizing direct investment opportunities because they are...

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Don't let this crisis go to waste - Simplicity Roadshow 2022

Simplicity Roadshow is back on the road.

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Housing hacks with Simplicity and Squirrel

So, you want to buy a house?

If you live in Auckland, perhaps you've flagged it...
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Everything you wanted to know about member tax credits but were afraid to ask

Just a quick update to let everyone know that Member Tax Credits covering the period...
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Fund Updates third quarter ending June 30

Our latest Funds Updates for the quarter ending June 30th are now available online on...
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Why diversity is important to your KiwiSaver and what we're doing about it

Watch Sam's interview on Newshub here.
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Women's retirement funds are typically 40% lower than mens. Are you saving enough?

 Here's a few stats that could make you go grey earlier than expected as a...
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Top economist and Google exec to join team Simplicity

Economist Shamubeel Eaqub and senior Google executive Reuben Halper have agreed to join the board...
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So how are you going to spend your $20 a week tax savings? Here's a thought...

Good news for middle income NZ this week.
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KiwiSaver second quarter returns

Hot off the press are our KiwiSaver fund returns for the last three months, before tax,...
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Oh how I love thee Simplicity, let me count the ways....

At Simplicity we believe in making our systems and processes as easy at possible because...
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Simplicity saving members $1 million in fees annually

We hit another milestone this week.  We broke $1 million.
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