Why it is time for KiwiSaver 2.0

If National Super remains unchanged it will become increasingly unaffordable, and unable to fund a dignified retirement for Kiwis. Simplicity Managing Director, Sam Stubbs, thinks an upscaled and modernised KiwiSaver could help us fund the retirement we all deserve.

Recent updates

Everything you need to know about Simplicity Charitable Trust’s recent giving round.

Simplicity Charitable Trust recently completed the third round of giving for 2021, and we’re happy to announce it was the...

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Simplicity gets a top spot in Consumer NZ's KiwiSaver satisfaction survey

We’ve won Consumer NZ’s People’s Choice award for KiwiSaver for a second year in a row, after being awarded top...

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Investing in the future, today

X1000 - Meet the New Zealand company in the business of scalable space transportationSimplicity’s fully diversified strategy includes investing in...

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Let's turn back the clock

Welcome to an exciting new year with Simplicity %)

We're kicking it off with a bang by...
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The simple truths are what ordinary KiwiSavers deserve, so we’re doing it.

The latest research from Mercer shows that the average person spends 250 hours each year...
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Why reform is badly needed at the NZX

As KiwiSavers save $200b by 2030, we need a share market which is up to...
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Simplicity forges new relationship with fee-based only advisors as it celebrates $300 m mark

Another breakthrough week for Simplicity.
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Kids at risk, environment and the homeless top priorities for Simplicity members

Many thanks to the almost 2,000 members who completed our charity survey.
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Simplicity releases first year returns

With the election results now behind us, we'd like to share some other news hot off...
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New KiwiSaver fund guarantees retirees income for life

In a first for KiwiSaver, Simplicity is launching a new fund that guarantees its members...
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Negotiating your mortgage - Guest Post

Last week's Housing Hacks blog looked at how to use KiwiSaver to get into your first home...
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Simplicity celebrates its first year anniversary

The Neonatal Trust overview from The Neonatal Trust on Vimeo.
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Housing hacks with Simplicity and Squirrel

So, you want to buy a house?

If you live in Auckland, perhaps you've flagged it...
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