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Simplicity Foundation continues support for key partner charities

Published on 11/05/2023



SVA service award

The Simplicity Foundation has donated $183,000 to four of our key charity partners, bringing total donations to $5,851,634.

This is the first round of grant funding this year, as the Foundation made a series of one-off donations in February to support Auckland's flooding and Cyclone Gabrielle recovery.

The latest recipients are:

  • Trees That Count - to keep up to date with member growth, $35,000 has been donated so another 5,000 native trees can be planted. 

  • Upside Mentoring$48,000 for a second year of support to Upside's Partnership Programme, which is establishing mentoring programmes in youth development groups throughout Aotearoa New Zealand.  

  • Student Volunteer Army -  $75,000 to continue helping SVA grow the Service Award programme, which  encourages, recognises and rewards volunteering by school students within their communities.

  • Consumer NZ $25,000 provides ongoing support for Consumer NZ’s Utua Atu programme, aimed at providing information and advocacy support for vulnerable consumers.