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Simplicity NZ Ltd acquires 20% stake in The Pure Food Co: A strategic move towards a healthier future

Published on 29/08/2023




The Simplicity Private Equity Fund has purchased a 20% stake in The Pure Food Co., a home-grown Kiwi startup that specialises in blended nutri-foods geared to an aging population.

The Simplicity investment was matched by ACC’s Health, Safety and Wellbeing Fund.

Simplicity MD Sam Stubbs said Pure Food’s specially formulated, nutrient-rich soft foods could help to address nutrition issues faced by a rapidly aging population.

It’s estimated that 50% of seniors are malnourished and do not receive the protein or nutrients they need to remain healthy. 

And between 2020 and 2050, the proportion of the world’s population over the age of 60 is projected to double from 1 billion to 2.1 billion.

“We see this as an investment that could have serious long term impact, by improving the wellbeing and health of populations here and worldwide,” says Stubbs.

“And given the growth in the overall market for nutrient dense foods, it could give our members strong returns,” he said.


In July, Simplicity also announced a 30% stake in Wellington-based tax tech DataTorque. You can read more about that investment here.

To date, Simplicity has invested more than $50 million in private equity and venture capital, through direct investments and through IcehouseVentures of which it owns 12%.

Primarily a low-cost index fund investor, Simplicity only invests actively in asset classes where it can provide members better potential returns via being a large scale, long term and non-profit investor. Being a minority shareholder in successful private and family businesses is an example. 

Founded in 2014, The Pure Food Co has developed a world-first innovation with their nourishing food, beverage and nutritional products for seniors which are used to feed people in more than 550 health and aged-care providers across New Zealand and Australia

The decision to acquire a stake in The Pure Food Co is an example of Simplicity’s commitment to responsible investing and aligning financial success with societal well-being.

Empowering Health and Wellness

The investment holds the promise of enhancing the health and wellness landscape in New Zealand and beyond. 

The Pure Food Co's expertise in crafting meals that cater to a variety of dietary requirements perfectly complements Simplicity NZ's commitment to improving the lives of ordinary New Zealanders.

The acquisition of a 20% private equity stake by our Private Equity Fund shows the ability of responsible investing to shape industries and encourage positive change. 

Our investment will support The Pure Food Co's mission to provide accessible and nutritious meals to a broader audience while also creating value for investors who prioritize both financial growth and social impact.

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