KiwiSaver money should be invested in providing rental housing

Sam Stubbs looks at the housing crisis and considers the role investors could play in providing quality long-term rental housing, as they have done successfully in Europe for generations. This would be a sound investment for our biggest domestic investors, including KiwiSaver funds.

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Weathering the Storm: Investing in tough times (and how not to get ripped off)

Simplicity is hitting the road.

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Simplicity calls for change to Air New Zealand executive pay scheme

Simplicity, New Zealand’s nonprofit KiwiSaver scheme, has written to the Air New Zealand Board regarding its executive compensation scheme, asking...

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Simplicity announces funding for youth and environment charities

Simplicity Charitable Trust has announced its biggest funding round to date.

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Three wrongs don't make a right: Why KiwiSaver exit fees should be banned

Sam Arora, a KiwiSaver member, recently drew public attention to a $100 fee he would...
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"Suspend default providers" who've failed to purge weapons investments from KiwiSaver, says Stubbs

For the benefit of those who missed the controversy over KiwiSaver and cluster bombs, here's...
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Coming soon to a town near you...The Wealth Innovation Roadshow

The Wealth Innovation tour will be hitting the road next month.
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Fees, commissions and trails that you should know about in any investment

KiwiSaver turns 10 years old this year and with a $40 billion balance, there's plenty...
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Simplicity launches new lookalike investment funds

Our #1 request from members (and non members) since we launched last year has been...
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KiwiSaver for the Self Employed - Are you leaving money on the table?

If you're self employed, KiwiSaver can seem like a luxury.
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Going for Growth - Part Three of How to Choose a KiwiSaver Fund

And last but not least, our growth fund.
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How passive investing works and why the banks are freaking out

Something strange is happening to the $30bn, fast-rising KiwiSaver industry created by Michael Cullen.
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Are you Balanced? Part Two of How to Choose a Fund

In part One of this series, we took a closer look at what's in our...
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How to choose a KiwiSaver fund Part One The Conservative Fund deconstructed

Recently we released our first fund updates showing our performance and ranking it against our...
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