Couple celebrates first home with Simplicity's lowest cost mortgage

The timing could not have been better. On the dawn of lock-down, last Wednesday, Ben Gill and Erica Buxton settled on their first home, moving into their two-bedroom abode in Greytown before the clock struck midnight.

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A time to give: Simplicity donates $50k to Kiwi charities

As we endure this difficult time together, it's more important than ever to look after our most vulnerable.

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A layperson's guide to switching funds

With Coronavirus battering the markets and fund balances in sharp decline, fear and panic have taken over.

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Simplicity cuts member fees, lowers barrier to entry for investment funds too

As a not-for-profit, the benefits of scale go back to our members.

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Find out what you pay in fees compared to our competitors

Big news today as Simplicity KiwiSaver is now up on the Sorted. org.
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Don't get mad, get informed....some simple tools to find out what you're being charged in fees

Hugely disappointing news this week that the Government bowed to pressure from the banking industry...
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How to make your KiwiSaver grow faster at Christmas time

KiwiSaver may not be at the top of the traditional xmas wish-list but here's why...
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Don't treat investors like idiots

The KiwiSaver industry sometimes struggles to treat investors like the intelligent people they are.
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"Too hard" excuse on fees disclosure just doesn't cut it for Simplicity, or financial regulators worldwide

For too long, the funds management industry has had it too good, extracting a high...
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Simplicity makes first charitable donation to earthquake victims

We're delighted to let you know we've made the first charitable donation on your behalf.
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Budget Buster: Three cheers for the KiwiSaver upstart waging war on fees

Celebrating a banner today with a giant leap in new members.
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Simplicity KiwiSaver saving you money and changing the investment landscape in a big way

We hit a major milestone last week when our membership hit 2,000 and our collective...
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Will KiwiSaver be Trumped?

What does a Trump Whitehouse mean for KiwiSaver and other investments?

Markets hate uncertainty, and President Trump...
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How to use your KiwiSaver to save faster and buy your first home

Homeownership is a cherished goal for most New Zealanders.
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