Simplicity blasts Fletcher Building for lack of Gib

Property developer Simplicity Living says it has cancelled all its orders for Fletcher Building Gib board and is instead directly importing plasterboard because it is cheaper, and faster.

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Brian Gaynor leaves a formidable legacy in New Zealand finance

With the passing of Brian Gaynor this week, New Zealand lost a lion of finance.

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Could KiwiSavers own the All Blacks and would an individual benefit?

The recently announced deal for investment fund Silverlake to invest in the All Blacks is the first step on a...

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Will Kiwibank be sold off?

Kiwibank was established in 2001 to give Kiwis a fair deal in banking.

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Why don’t we get longer fixed-rate mortgages?

The mortgage market is a huge beast.
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Can Covid-19 and KiwiSaver help with global warming?

The Covid-19 pandemic has ushered in a new tolerance for governments thinking big.
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Compounding Benefit: Simplicity hits 60,000 members and $2.9 billion in funds.

This week, we reached an important milestone.
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Why buying a home is still the best investment

A recent meeting of New Zealand's top economists and bankers had them very concerned, again,...
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Think share markets are high? Think again

As a KiwiSaver manager, Sam Stubbs' inbox is bombarded with analysts and share brokers picking...
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Global economy poised to boom just as it did after Spanish Flu

After the horrors of World War One and the Spanish Flu, the world had a...
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Why are floating mortgage rates so expensive?


A floating rate mortgage gives you the flexibility to repay principal at any time.
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KiwiSaver money should be invested in providing rental housing

To fix a problem, you first need to understand it.
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Property investment: the good, the bad and the downright ugly

In a rising market, many developments can look as safe as houses — literally.
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5 lessons investors can learn from Tesla, Meridian and Covid-19

The meteoric rise in the share price of Meridian and Tesla in 2020, and the...
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