Will the housing reforms work?

The removal of resource consents hints at desperation from both major political parties to fix the housing crisis. However, change this dramatic can have unforeseen consequences.

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Why it is time for KiwiSaver 2.0

While they disagree on many things, there is one thing John Key and Jacinda Ardern completely agree on.

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High tech company raised growth money from KiwiSaver and Kiwis

Quantifi Photonics, a New Zealand based high tech company that’s a world leader in its field, just raised $15 million...

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Housing must become the top priority again

Is housing a human right? Sam Stubbs thinks it is.

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Think share markets are high? Think again

As a KiwiSaver manager, Sam Stubbs' inbox is bombarded with analysts and share brokers picking...
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Global economy poised to boom just as it did after Spanish Flu

After the horrors of World War One and the Spanish Flu, the world had a...
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Why are floating mortgage rates so expensive?


A floating rate mortgage gives you the flexibility to repay principal at any time.
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KiwiSaver money should be invested in providing rental housing

To fix a problem, you first need to understand it.
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Property investment: the good, the bad and the downright ugly

In a rising market, many developments can look as safe as houses — literally.
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5 lessons investors can learn from Tesla, Meridian and Covid-19

The meteoric rise in the share price of Meridian and Tesla in 2020, and the...
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Is a lack of activist shareholders hurting KiwiSaver?

Fund managers now manage more than $200 billion of ordinary New Zealanders’ savings, in KiwiSaver...
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How to solve the housing crisis

No one person or institution is responsible alone for the recent rise in house prices.
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Why a $20 minimum wage is good for business

The recent announcement of a $20 per hour minimum wage brought the usual chorus of...
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Shareholder activism needed to curb excessive executive pay

New Zealanders have a strong fairness gene.
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