Simplicity blasts Fletcher Building for lack of Gib

Property developer Simplicity Living says it has cancelled all its orders for Fletcher Building Gib board and is instead directly importing plasterboard because it is cheaper, and faster.

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Brian Gaynor leaves a formidable legacy in New Zealand finance

With the passing of Brian Gaynor this week, New Zealand lost a lion of finance.

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Could KiwiSavers own the All Blacks and would an individual benefit?

The recently announced deal for investment fund Silverlake to invest in the All Blacks is the first step on a...

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Will Kiwibank be sold off?

Kiwibank was established in 2001 to give Kiwis a fair deal in banking.

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Is a lack of activist shareholders hurting KiwiSaver?

Fund managers now manage more than $200 billion of ordinary New Zealanders’ savings, in KiwiSaver...
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How to solve the housing crisis

No one person or institution is responsible alone for the recent rise in house prices.
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Why a $20 minimum wage is good for business

The recent announcement of a $20 per hour minimum wage brought the usual chorus of...
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Shareholder activism needed to curb excessive executive pay

New Zealanders have a strong fairness gene.
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Will the Government get real on infrastructure?

There are times in history when the winds of change all point in one direction,...
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New Zealand’s Business Leaders Reflect On The Lessons Of COVID-19 In New Book

New Zealand business leaders have shared insights into their COVID-19 strategies and learnings from 2020...
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Here's what Biden win might mean for your KiwiSaver

A new President of the United States is always a big deal for financial markets,...
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Can KiwiSaver save the economy? Actually, yes

In reading economists’ predictions for our economy, one thing seems to be overlooked, or underappreciated:...
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A strong economy in 2021? Here's why that could happen

As Sam Stubbs points out, economists are the butt of many jokes.
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Here's why there's never been a better time to invest in infrastructure

Covid-19 has been a massive storm cloud for the economy, with the largest drop in...
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