Lower for longer interest rates and trade wars continue to leave markets guessing

Australasian share markets were standouts in July with the NZX50 Gross index up 3.

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Simplicity hits $1 billion and tops the performance charts

Today Simplicity hit a combined $1 billion in funds under management via our KiwiSaver and Investment funds.

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How much debt is too much?

New Zealanders love borrowing.

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What a difference a month can make! June markets rally on US posturing and confidence

Investors may have suffered from a bit of whiplash last month as US equity markets drove a sharp U-turn recovery...

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Fees, commissions and trails that you should know about in any investment

KiwiSaver turns 10 years old this year and with a $40 billion balance, there's plenty...
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Coming soon to a town near you...The Wealth Innovation Roadshow

The Wealth Innovation tour will be hitting the road next month.
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KiwiSaver for the Self Employed - Are you leaving money on the table?

If you're self employed, KiwiSaver can seem like a luxury.
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Simplicity launches new lookalike investment funds

Our #1 request from members (and non members) since we launched last year has been...
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Are you Balanced? Part Two of How to Choose a Fund

In part One of this series, we took a closer look at what's in our...
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Going for Growth - Part Three of How to Choose a KiwiSaver Fund

And last but not least, our growth fund.
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\"Too hard\" excuse on fees disclosure just doesn't cut it for Simplicity, or financial regulators worldwide

For too long, the funds management industry has had it too good, extracting a high...
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How passive investing works and why the banks are freaking out

Something strange is happening to the $30bn, fast-rising KiwiSaver industry created by Michael Cullen.
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Simplicity KiwiSaver saving you money and changing the investment landscape in a big way

We hit a major milestone last week when our membership hit 2,000 and our collective...
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Will KiwiSaver be Trumped?

What does a Trump Whitehouse mean for KiwiSaver and other investments?

Markets hate uncertainty, and President Trump...
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