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KiwiSaver money should be invested in providing rental housing

Published on 27/01/2021

Rental houses

To fix a problem, you first need to understand it. It’s devilishly hard with housing, because the problem is so complex. But it’s important we do, because housing is a human right. Insecure and poor quality housing is a key cause of childhood poverty, mental stress, physical ailments and dis-location from community. It’s just bad all round.

Sam Stubbs understands the government focus on social housing, it’s where the need is greatest. But what about affordable housing? In this article, Sam looks at the role investors could play in providing quality rental housing. Where tenants rights are strong, and building standards high. It works for all parties, and has worked successfully in Europe for generations.

Plenty of overseas evidence shows that well-built housing, with long-term tenancy agreements, encourages high-quality tenants to consider long-term renting as a viable alternative to owning.

He argues that rental housing at scale is a sound investment for our biggest domestic investors, including KiwiSaver funds. It could play an important role in addressing a national need, while also making money for their members.

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