Shareholder activism needed to curb excessive executive pay

Kiwis have an acute sense of what is fair or not. We care about it as much the Americans care about freedom. No one minds someone getting rich, but we mind mightily if the wealth was attained unfairly.

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Simplicity calls for change to Air New Zealand executive pay scheme

Simplicity, New Zealand’s nonprofit KiwiSaver scheme, has written to the Air New Zealand Board regarding its executive compensation scheme, asking...

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Simplicity announces funding for youth and environment charities

Simplicity Charitable Trust has announced its biggest funding round to date.

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Where there is a Will there's a way

If you're over 18 and have more than $15K in assets (that includes your KiwiSaver), you should have a Will.

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Brexit, Trump and the end of the bond market rally and what it means for KiwiSavers

2017 may be a new year in terms of the calendar, but for investment markets...
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