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Fund Updates third quarter ending June 30

Published on 31/07/2017

Our latest Funds Updates for the quarter ending June 30th are now available online on our website here. 

Had we been included in the latest league survey for Melville Jessup Weaver, our KiwiSaver Growth Fund would have been ranked 4th. Our Balanced and Conservative Funds would be in the middle of the peer group, which is where we'd expect it to be. 

Our Investment Funds, which opened April 1, returned in the latest quarter 1.07% for the Growth Fund, 0.71% for Balanced Fund and 0.46% for the Conservative Fund. They have also performed well against their peer groups.

Although our Investment Funds and KiwiSaver are structured the same and have the same fees, their performance is different  for the past quarter. That has to due with the time the funds were started, the pool of money, a higher allocation of cash in the early days of our Investment Fund and also differences in fixed interest pricing at the time when we started investing.

All around, we're pleased with our strong short-term performance. But that's not what matters. Investment is a long term game, and Simplicity wants to be the tortoise, not the hare. Every year we expect to do better than average, with those gains compounding up to significantly better returns for you over time. 

Click on the links below to see individual fund updates below.  Our fund updates will show your our overall of asset allocation, holdings and any changes to the funds. 

 The table below shows you our performance over 3 months, six months and the 9 months since inception. All figures above are after fees but before tax. 

 KiwiSaver Growth  Balanced  Conservative
Three months 2.53% 1.88% 1.27%
Six months  7.26% 5.33% 3.04%
Nine months  9.06% 4.92% 3.01%

Once we've been investing for a full year, we'll be able to include fund performance in every update.

We'd like to refer you to a podcast published recently by Freakeconomics Radio. The episode entitled \"The Stupidest Thing People Do With Their Money\" is an excellent endorsement for low cost index funds and features some fascinating interviews, including ones with two Nobel laureates, and Jack Bogle, the founder of Vanguard. Simplicity uses Vanguard to manage its international investments. 
We recommend you take time to listen to the programme and also share it with your friends. 
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