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We're expanding first home mortgages to all our KiwiSaver members


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Some great news for first home buyers.

Simplicity already offers NZ's lowest floating rate first home mortgage, at 2.25%. It's the lowest floating rate, by far %)

Due to high demand, this has only been available to KiwiSaver members who'd been with Simplicity for at least one year.

But our fast growth means we can now offer it to all KiwiSaver members buying their first home, with no wait time. 

That's right, any existing Simplicity KiwiSaver member, or anyone who joins our KiwiSaver scheme, can immediately apply for a first home loan. 

Charging a 2.25% floating rate, our first home loan has no break fees and is subject to lending criteria. You'll find more information here.

This is great for our members too, as it increases returns. The 2.25% received from mortgage borrowers is over twice the return we could get from the banks. 

And it's nice that members' savings can help provide mortgages to other members. It's what building and thrift societies have done for centuries. We're just doing it online, with no expensive branches or commissions.

So members win, first home buyers win, banks get nothing. We're happy with that %)

We want to help all Kiwis get into their first home, and get it paid off as soon as possible. So please tell your friends and family. 

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