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The simple truths are what ordinary KiwiSavers deserve, so we’re doing it.


The latest research from Mercer shows that the average person spends 250 hours each year worrying about money. These high levels of stress are a contributing factor to workplace absences,  illness and relationship breakdowns.

It doesn't have to be this way. Often, all that's required are some simple strategies.

Today, we're launching an online classroom on the simple truths about money. It's designed to build financial confidence and competence. 

The truth about money is the enemy of most financial companies and banks. It's not usually in their best interests for people to understand money.

While the Financial Markets Authority has warned default KiwiSaver providers to do more in the education space, not enough is being done.

Today we’re beginning what will be a lifelong mission for Simplicity, which is to get the simple truths about money into the mindset of every New Zealander.

Amanda Morrall, our head of communications and education and published author on personal finance, has created four education classrooms on the basics of money, covering the following subjects:

  • KiwiSaver
  • Retirement planning
  • Buying your first home
  • Personal finance 101

You can find the classroom series on our website here. Additionally, we've been coming to workplaces to talk money with employees.  

We're making this available to members and anyone else who you think could benefit. If you'd like to organise a free talk for your workplace, please send us an email to info@simplicity.kiwi. 

Financial peace of mind is a great Christmas present too and now costs you nothing. %)

Sam and the team at Simplicity