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Simplicity saving members $1 million in fees annually

Published on 06/04/2017

We hit another milestone this week.  We broke $1 million. That's $1 million in fee savings to our 4,100 plus members.

As membership grows, the fee savings will grow exponentially. So too will the donations we make to New Zealand charities. We're on track to donate $50,000 a year.

To give these savings greater visibility, we've added a new section on the website called the Dashboard. It includes our membership, charitable donations, fees savings, and funds under management and is updated daily. Simplicity is now managing more than $100 million on behalf of our members. That's how quickly we've grown in only seven months.

We're always trying to improve the experience for our members and to help them get as excited about their retirements savings as we do.

We're all about making our members wealthier.

Money = Choices = Dignity. Simple %)

Sam and the team