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Simplicity now #1 for 3 year returns


Another trophy

Great news. The latest Morningstar KiwiSaver survey ranks our Conservative Fund #1, Balanced Fund #2, and Growth Fund #6 for three year performance to 30 June, out of 32-59 competitors.

The average ranking confirms Simplicity as the overall top performing KiwiSaver manager for the last three years %)

And because our Investment Funds have the same investments and fees, they've done just as well.

Morningstar, Zenith and Melville Jessup Weaver (MJW) surveys show the chronic underperformance of larger KiwiSaver managers, especially the banks.  

And our returns show that investing ethically does not come at the expense of performance. In fact it has enhanced returns over the last three years, and it should be going forward.

Simplicity is now outperforming traditional industry leaders such as Milford and Fisher Funds.

Why? It’s simple. Low fees, and investing with a conscience, really, really matter.

The sad reality is that by trying to pick winners, and charging high fees, many KiwiSaver managers have cost their members millions in poor performance over the last three years. Many people don’t realise this, and it’s important they do.

There is nothing special or different about what Simplicity does. Low fee, ethical fund management has been well proven overseas. We’re just taking what’s worked there and offering it here.

The torch has passed to a new generation %)

Sam Stubbs

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