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Simplicity members shape charitable giving


Over the last three years the Simplicity Charitable Trust has made donations to charities that benefit thousands of New Zealanders. From helping hatch kiwi chicks with the Kiwi Trust, to supporting long-term mentoring for children with I Have a Dream. Check out all the charities we have supported here.

Simplicity members have made this possible and we value their input. Almost 7,000 members recently completed a survey, which asked them to choose the three charitable causes they cared most about from a list we provided.

At-risk children and youth, and environment and climate change emerged as the top two issues; with homelessness and social housing, and Education and financial literacy coming in third and fourth.

The results mirror a previous survey of Simplicity members back in 2017.

The Simplicity Charitable Trust plans to make larger and longer-term donations that support significant, sustainable benefits for all New Zealanders, with a focus on the areas our members care most about.

Survey Results