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Simplicity making dreams happen for disadvantaged youth in Northland


You’ve asked us to make children in need a priority for donations. Today we're doing just that.

'I Have A Dream' enables brighter futures for children in Northland living in material hardship. 

They mentor and assist Kiwi kids from age 5 to 20, helping them navigate their own path to academic and life success. The support is long term, ensuring the children have positive role models who add value to their community.

They install values of higher education, career opportunities and life success, and build partnerships between schools, families and the community to ensure every child has the resources and networks they need to succeed.

The programme has been successfully running for 15 years, with 80% of the children continuing on to tertiary education, training or employment.

To help them achieve their dreams, the Simplicity Charitable Trust is donating $50,000 to support 25 children in Northland through years 3 and 4 at school.

15% of the management fees you pay Simplicity goes to charity. It’s what we’re about, and it’s really starting to make a difference. 

We can now donate over $6,000 a week to charity. The more members we have, the more we can give. Simple.

And as a Simplicity member, you made this happen. Thank you %)

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