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Simplicity gives away thousands of books to help raise Kiwis financial literacy


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Press Release:

Kiwi nonprofit fund manager
Simplicity has teamed up with Potton & Burton publisher Robbie Burton to produce a smart money guide, in plain English, for all New Zealanders. 

Their collaboration brings Money Made Simple to fruition and realises one of Managing Director Sam Stubbs’s long-held ambitions – to provide Kiwis with a straight-forward book to help them get a handle on their finances and grow their wealth. 

Stubbs and publisher Robbie Burton came up with the idea of writing the book in plain and simple English a straightforward style, and giving away 150,000 copies to support local bookshops and their customers during tough economic times. This also fulfills one of Simplicity’s charitable aims, to educate New Zealanders about finance. 

A te reo Māori version is also in development.

Funding the printing and distribution of 150,000 free books is unprecedented, and will help boost  Kiwis’ financial literacy. 

Stubbs says, “Money is important because it gives you choices. And a life with choices is a life with dignity. So how do you get the money you need for a dignified life? It's not always easy, but it can be easier than you think. And whatever circumstances you're in, learning about money can help, because knowledge is power.”

Money Made Simple distils Stubbs’s decades-long expertise into a handy guide, suitable for young and old. He reveals three simple truths and eight golden rules to help Kiwis take control of their finances, and their future. 

Burton says, “Potton & Burton are publishing Money Made Simple pro bono in conjunction with Simplicity, and apart from the book’s production, have organised this promotion exclusively to local booksellers. In the spirit of Simplicity’s nonprofit goals, Potton & Burton receive no remuneration or revenue from the book’s publication. Our involvement is purely philanthropic.”