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Simplicity announces funding for youth and environment charities


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Simplicity Charitable Trust has announced its biggest funding round to date. Over $250,000 has been donated to support young New Zealanders and the environment from Auckland all the way down to Queenstown.

We are very proud to support the following charities:

Lifewise is an established part of the Auckland community, working hard to support families, older people, people with disabilities, and people at risk of homelessness. With 16-24 year old's making up over half of NZ’s homeless population a big part of Lifewise’s work is supporting young people facing hardship and homelessness. The Trust’s donation will go to their Youth Housing programme which, as well as providing safe and stable housing options, helps the young people develop life skills and build independence. The Lifewise team is dedicated to preventing and ending youth homelessness and work collaboratively with organisations across Auckland.

Down in Napier we are supporting Kiwis for Kiwi Foundation, a kiwi conservation charity. Simplicity's donation will contribute to the running of the Westshore Creche, which receives young kiwi from the Wairakei Hatchery project that the Trust supported last year.  At the Creche the kiwi will be reared to young adults, large enough to defend themselves against predators and will then be moved to a predator controlled sanctuary on the Mahia Peninsula. With your help up to 60 Kiwi will be released into the sanctuary early next year.

Youth organisation Recreate provides development opportunities for young people with disabilities. This year alone they will offer over 4500 placements on a wide variety of youth development programmes focusing on work/education, recreation, social and adventure all over the country. Their programmes provides two-fold benefits; young people are given meaningful personal growth opportunities, and families obtain valuable respite and time to recharge. Recreate couldn’t do what they do without a huge number of dedicated volunteers, many of whom are also young people. They will be using Simplicity’s donation to set up a new hub in Wellington so they deliver a programme for young people and their families in the Wellington region.

The Loft is a unique initiative in New Zealand, offering a more effective and people centred approach to social service support. Emerging out of the aftermath of the Canterbury earthquakes, the Loft sits at the heart of the East Christchurch community and aims to reduce barriers to accessing social support. The Trust has made a donation to the running of this innovative ‘one-stop-shop’ that brings together a range of services such as health, housing, budgeting, counselling etc and supports young people and families to navigate the system and get connected to the right services quickly.

Conservation charity, Routeburn Dart Wildlife Trust is based in Queenstown and runs the Dart and Rees Braided Rivers Predator Control Project. Simplicity is supporting the Trust’s ongoing work on this project, focusing on trap maintenance runs. In this iconic segment of South Island wilderness the traps attract and detain rats and stoats, which attack the birdlife in the area, such as black billed gulls, plovers and terns.

Since Simplicity's inception, the Simplicity Charitable Trust has donated over $1.2 million to great kiwi charities.

And because we're growing fast, so are the donations. This year's have reached over $700,000, including to frontline charities during Covid-19 and our long term native tree planting programme.

To find out more about the other organisations we have supported click here.

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