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Simplicity's new low fee investments Funds open for business


We're delighted to announce that Simplicity Investment Funds are now open for investment. 

We're accepting individual and joint applications now. Trusts can apply from April 17th.

Our new funds are identical to our KiwiSaver funds, and allow you full access to your money, at any time. The minimum initial investment is $10,000.  

The fees are the same too, the lowest by far. You can compare fees here

Like our KiwiSaver, signing up is 100% online and takes a few minutes. Sign up here.

You'll have full access to your investments online. If your KiwiSaver is with Simplicity, you can see them both via the same login.

All funds have over 5,000 investments in 23 countries. Like our KiwiSaver, all funds exclude investments in nuclear weapons, land mines, cluster bombs and tobacco. 

We're here to make our members wealthier and give them the best investor experience possible. We're encouraged by having just been named a finalist in the 2017 NZ Hi-Tech Awards for the most innovative company.

Thanks for investing with Simplicity

Sam and the team

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