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Let's turn back the clock


Welcome to an exciting new year with Simplicity %)

We're kicking it off with a bang by exposing just how much fund managers are charging in fees.

Our new fees clock, modeled after the Times Square debt clock, shows that while Kiwis were on holiday, KiwiSaver managers have charged more than $40 million in fees.  That's over $1,000 every minute! By the end of the year, fees should top more than $525m. Please check it out and show your friends and colleagues.

2018 will be a wake-up call for many KiwiSaver members who aren't with Simplicity. Under new rules which takes effect in March, all KiwiSaver providers will be forced to reveal how much they charge each member in dollar terms. Some will be shocked to find out how much they're really paying. We're all about rolling back the clock by creating more awareness about high fees.

To find out what your provider is charging you try our free fee calculator here.

You'll be pleased to hear that we're now the fastest growing KiwiSaver scheme in the country. Thanks for helping us beat the banks!  Word of mouth is wonderful, so please keep spreading the good word %) 

Some other highlights from the summer:

We're now saving our 11,000 plus members more than $3.7 million p.a. in fees. Charitable donations now exceed more than $160,000 a year. 

Below you'll find links to a selection of articles published over the holidays detailing our recent news and views on the investment landscape.

How KiwiSaver could be used to fund long-term capital projects in NZ (Stuff article published Jan.10)

Using KiwiSaver to build a nation (Radio NZ Jan.7)

Gender diversity in business - (Radio NZ's Outspoken programme Jan.15)

Whatever the fixed interest and sharemarkets do short-term, the long-term trend is a very powerful one. (NZ Herald Dec.27

2018 should be a fabulous year.  Thanks for being a part of it.

Sam and the team at Simplicity %)

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