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Investing in the future, today


Dawn Aerospace

X1000 - Meet the New Zealand company in the business of scalable space transportation

Simplicity’s fully diversified strategy includes investing in a group of high-growth New Zealand companies through Ice House Ventures. Innovative companies positioned to become the leaders, enablers and capability builders of tomorrow. 

Over the next few months we’ll share the stories and insights of brave Kiwi founders as they scale up to take unique ideas and disruptive technology to the world.

First up is Dawn Aerospace. Founded by brothers Stefan and James Powell, the Christchurch-based company is in the business of scalable space transportation. In a word, spaceplanes. 

Dawn Aerospace uses deep insight in both aviation and space rocket technologies to make spaceflight 1000X more scalable and sustainable than traditional rockets. They have ambitions to become the future global logistics partner for companies, scientists, entrepreneurs and governments to deliver hardware and other items to, from and within space. 

We spoke to Stefan and James about building a company for long term impact, the business case for sustainability in space, and why only time will tell what the true potential of space will be. Watch the video here.

As a Simplicity member, you can easily get behind brave Kiwi founders and their world changing ideas, simply by having a KiwiSaver or Investment Fund with us.


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