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You asked, we delivered: a smoke free, nuke free, bomb free KiwiSaver plan

Published on 28/10/2016

Ethics are at the heart of our business. We're nonprofit, we're 100% online to minimise environmental impact, and we give 15% of our investment revenue back to charities. 

It is therefore our great pleasure to announce today our funds will also be ethically focussed too.

Following outcry in New Zealand over revelations that many KiwiSavers were invested in nuclear weapons and tobacco, and our ensuing discussions with Vanguard, our international asset manager has launched a fund that excludes these nasties.

The MSCI index that the new Vanguard fund tracks closely matches the  NZ Super Fund blacklist, considered a best practise standard when it comes to ethical investments.

We will be using the new fund for all our offshore share investments and hedge them fully to the NZ dollar. Our fee structure, the lowest in KiwiSaver, will remain the same.

We believe this fund reflects what New Zealanders care about and applaud Vanguard for taking swift and decisive action in an industry that has been typically focussed on returns at all cost.

\"This response from one of the world's largest investment managers shows that they have listened to the concerns of Kiwis and acted quickly to offer a solution,'' commented our manager director Sam Stubbs.

\"It's very satisfying to know this fund will be available to Australian investors too. It's another example of Kiwis leading the way and it shows how important KiwiSaver is now to offshore managers, including Vanguard.\"

By 2030, KiwiSaver is on track to become a pool of $200 billion worth of savings.

We'd like to thank our members to helping to achieve this result and also our many of our future KiwiSavers too, for contributing to this landmark change in New Zealand investment landscape.

You asked for it, we listened and we will continue to evolve, improve and refine our offering to give New Zealanders the best retirement outcome possible.

Thanks for being part of this journey %)