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Find out what you pay in fees compared to our competitors


Big news today as Simplicity KiwiSaver is now up on the Sorted.org.nz Fee Calculator. 

This is a great tool for KiwiSavers as they can see the cost in dollar terms of fees over a lifetime of being invested on a like-for-like basis.

When you go onto the site, you can personalise your calculation by entering your age, contribution, salary and fund type. It will then show you the dollar cost of fees for that fund, and those like it, until retirement at age 65.

Simplicity offers only three funds, conservative, balanced and growth, so you will have to select one of these three funds to compare fairly with the others.

We think you'll find the difference rather pleasing, as a member of Simplicity that is %)

Please share this valuable calculator with your friends and family members so they can be better informed KiwiSavers.

As you may have heard, the banks in New Zealand have lobbied for and won a one year extension on reporting to their members actual fees paid on their KiwiSaver. See our reaction here. 

In the absence of better disclosure on fees, Sorted.org.nz (owned by the Government) is a reputable source of information.



Team Simplicity 


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