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A sense of community at Kupenga

Published on 14/03/2024


Reflecting on her first impressions, Grace recalls feeling surprised by the Simplicity Living apartments, having never encountered developments by Simplicity Living before. Moving from Tauranga, she and her partner were relatively unfamiliar with the local market, however the moment Mandy guided them through the development, Grace was struck by the variety and quality of the apartments.

'I was amazed by the apartments and the different styles they had. The price and quality of the buildings was great and so much better than anything else we had looked at,' she said.

The affordability and superior standards exceeded their expectations, especially after trying for months to find a suitable living space that met their needs and budget. 'Before moving in here, we were really struggling to find a decent living space that was within our budget and that would accept students - I am doing my masters - and that didn’t have mould!'  

Grace particularly appreciated the warm welcome from Simplicity Living team. 'The team here were so welcoming and answered any questions we had regarding the space. I did not have the same experience with any other landlords or property agents,' she explained.

The Simplicity Living apartments were a stark contrast to her previous rental experiences in Wellington, where they experienced constant cold, mould issues, and indifferent landlords. However her favourite aspect of the Simplicity Living apartment is the sense of community among the residents, who really look out for each other, '...although having heating and no mould is obviously a bonus.' 

Describing it as the best renting experience they've had, Grace and Rheon are already planning to extend their lease on the apartment which, with the recent addition of Goose the kitten, is starting to feel like home.