A KiwiSaver plan that's
simply better

Simplicity is NZ’s nonprofit KiwiSaver plan, charging members only what it costs, nothing more. All funds charge $3.10 for every $1,000 invested. There are no membership fees. The savings really add up. We call it the Simplicity difference.

See your Simplicity difference below

You are years old and
earn $ a year. Your current
KiwiSaver balance is $Leave blank if you don’t know, we’ll use the average member balance.

Your Simplicity Difference

Your Simplicity difference
could be 41,000

Switch to the Simplicity Growth Fund and you could have
around 589,000589,000 by the time you're 65.

Apply 2% inflation

The average Simplicity difference of $65,000 could buy Your Simplicity difference of $45,000 could buy


Your dream car

21 around the
world trips

Our member website

Total Transparency

A complete breakdown of all investments, contributions, fees, taxes and returns.

Forecasting Tools

See how different fund types and contributions will impact your projected returns.

Easy Switching

You're in charge. You can change the funds you're invested in online at no charge.

Linked Accounts

One central login can give you access to all you, and your family's, accounts.

Fund types


The Conservative Fund provides investors with a limited exposure to growth assets, with most of its investments in income earning investments like fixed interest.


The Balanced Fund provides investors with an exposure to a mix of growth investments (eg. Shares) and income earning investments.


The Growth Fund provides investors with a limited exposure to income assets, with most of its investments are in growth assets (eg. Shares).

2 mins to join

Whether you’re new to KiwiSaver or switching providers, joining is fast and easy. Grab your IRD# and photo ID (either a driver’s licence or passport) and fill in our one page application. We’ll do everything else. Yep, it’s that simple %)

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