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Simplicity is NZ’s nonprofit KiwiSaver manager, charging members low, low fees. The savings really add up. We call it the Simplicity Difference.

too much?

Our Conservative, Balanced and Growth funds all charge the same low fee - 0.31% p.a., or $3.10 for every $1000 invested.

The fee savings we call the Simplicity Difference. Find yours below.

Annual fees on $50,000 invested in a diversified fund.
Our fee for all funds
Average industry fee for Conservative funds

* Average growth funds fee of 1.00%
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Average industry fee for Balanced Funds

* Average growth funds fee of 1.16%
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Average industry fee for Growth Funds

* Average growth funds fee of 1.29%
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Source: This data is sourced from smartinvestor.sorted.org.nz, which shows the average fee for all the funds for the 12 months period that ended 31 March 2022. These fees are updated annually, and may change between reporting periods.

Fund types


The Default Fund (like the Balanced Fund) provides investors with an exposure to a mix of growth investments (eg. Shares) and income earning investments.


The Conservative Fund provides investors with a limited exposure to growth assets, with most of its investments in income earning investments like fixed interest.


The Balanced Fund provides investors with an exposure to a mix of growth investments (eg. Shares) and income earning investments.


The Growth Fund provides investors with a limited exposure to income assets, with most of its investments are in growth assets (eg. Shares).

KiwiSaver Scheme Performance

Fund Name
1 Month 3 Months 1 Year 2 Years Annualised 3 Years Annualised 5 Years Annualised
KiwiSaver Growth Fund -0.58% 0.61% -3.98% 0.89% 4.67% 6.10%
KiwiSaver Balanced Fund -0.95% 0.18% -5.02% -0.91% 2.36% 4.57%
KiwiSaver Conservative Fund -1.38% -0.47% -6.60% -3.58% -1.47% 1.94%
KiwiSaver Default Fund -0.95% 0.20% -5.10%

* These returns are to 28-02-2023 and are before tax and after fund management fees. Past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future performance and return periods may differ.

Our most frequently asked KiwiSaver questions

Q How do I join the Simplicity KiwiSaver Scheme?

If you are brand new to KiwiSaver or switching to Simplicity from another provider, joining our scheme takes just a few minutes. You'll need your IRD number and photo ID like a passport and driver's license. To complete an application form click here.

Please be aware if you're joining KiwiSaver for the first time, there's a mandatory three-month holding period for any contributions paid to Inland Revenue by you or your employer. Your contributions will accrue with Inland Revenue during this time and they'll be transferred to your provider after three months for investment.

Q Can I switch funds?

Yes, it is easy to switch funds. Just log on to your Simplicity account and click on the Switch tab.

There is no cost to switch funds. We do recommend you do some research first. Our Fund Selector can help or check out Sorted.org.nz

Currently, you can only have one fund type with Simplicity KiwiSaver.

Q How much will I pay in fees?

We don't have a membership fee, we only charge a management fee.

Every diversified fund has the same annual management fee: $3 for every $1000 invested (0.30%). In our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) we show an additional 0.01% as an estimate of any additional charges incurred within the Vanguard funds we invest into.

Although this is an annual management fee it is calculated and charged daily, based on the value of the fund each day.


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