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Our Investment Funds have the same diversified investments as our KiwiSaver funds. The annual fees are the same too, i.e. 0.31% management fee. The NZ Share and Bond Funds have an even lower 0.10% management fee p.a. There are no membership fees. The minimum investment amount in each fund is $1,000.

too much?

Our Conservative, Balanced and Growth funds all charge the same low fee - 0.31% p.a., or $3.10 for every $1000 invested. Nothing else.

Our NZ Share and NZ Bond funds charge even less - 0.1% p.a., or $1.00 for every $1000 invested.

The fee savings we call the Simplicity Difference. Find yours below.

Annual fees on $50,000 invested in a diversified fund.
Our fee for all funds

* This assumes a 5.33% annual return.
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Average competitor fee for Conservative funds

* Average balanced funds fee of 1.10%
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Average competitor fee for Balanced Funds

* Average growth funds fee of 1.30%
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Average competitor fee for Growth Funds

* Average growth funds fee of 1.40%
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Source: This data is sourced from smartinvestor.sorted.org.nz, which shows the average fee for all the funds for the 12 months period that ended 31 March 2022. These fees are updated annually, and may change between reporting periods.

Fund types


The Conservative Fund provides investors with a limited exposure to growth assets, with most of its investments in income earning investments like fixed interest.


The Balanced Fund provides investors with an exposure to a mix of growth investments (eg. Shares) and income earning investments.


The Growth Fund provides investors with a limited exposure to income assets, with most of its investments are in growth assets (eg. Shares).

NZ Share

The NZ Share Fund invests in securities listed in the New Zealand stock exchange ( NZX ), designed to be the New Zealand share component of a diversified investment portfolio.

NZ Bond

The NZ Bond Fund invests in New Zealand Government bonds and investment grade, liquid bonds issued in New Zealand dollars.

Investment Funds Performance

Fund Name
1 Month 3 Months 1 Year 2 Years Annualised 3 Years Annualised 5 Years Annualised
Investment Funds Growth Fund -0.58% 0.62% -4.01% 0.78% 4.72% 6.15%
Investment Funds Balanced Fund -0.94% 0.21% -4.93% -0.93% 2.28% 4.52%
Investment Funds Conservative Fund -1.35% -0.46% -6.66% -3.65% -1.67% 1.79%
Investment Funds NZ Share Fund -0.75% 3.03% 0.26% -0.70% 2.06%
Investment Funds NZ Bond -1.70% -1.01% -6.44% -5.10% -4.44%

* These returns are to 28-02-2023 and are before tax and after fund management fees. Past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future performance and return periods may differ.

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