Our Fees

As a nonprofit we work hard to keep our fees low, so you keep more of your money. All our diversified funds charge $3.10 for every $1,000 invested. NZ Share and Bond Funds charge $1 for every $1,000 invested. There are no other fees.

Annual Fees


Total Fund Fees 
All diversified funds ( KiwiSaver and Investment Funds )  0.31%
(i.e. $3.10 in every 1000)
NZ Share and Bond Funds  0.10%
(i.e. $1 in every 1000)
Performance Fee 
All funds NIL
Membership Fees 
Adults NIL
Children 18 and under NIL
Admin Fees 
Deposit, withdrawal or switch NIL
Entry/Exit NIL
Referral NIL
Other transaction fees NIL


We've lowered our fees four times in five years. We first dropped fees on multiple funds, then introduced no membership fees for our under 18 members. In 2020 we reduced the membership fee from $30 to $20 and in December 2021 removed it completely.