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Simplicity releases first year returns


With the election results now behind us, we'd like to share some other news hot off the press: Our first year KiwiSaver returns %)

Our one year returns, until Sept.30th, are as follows:

Growth Fund                 +12.95%
Balanced Fund               + 7.95%
Conservative Fund         +2.73%

These are after fees, and before tax. You can login here and see what your personal return was. Your individual return will depend on when you joined us. 

Around 80% of our members are in the Growth fund, 15% in the Balanced fund, and 5% in the Conservative fund.

To put the fund results in perspective, here are the one year returns for:

NZ Cash deposits              2.10%
NZ Bonds                           0.24%

NZ Shares                         9.00%
Aussie shares                    9.27%
Overseas Shares             19.78%

We don't yet know how we've performed vs our competitors, we'll let you know when we do. There'll be more detail in our fund updates, available in two weeks time. You can find them here.

As our Investment Funds are managed the same way as our KiwiSaver scheme and have the same fees, their returns are almost identical. We'll have one year returns available in May.

Had our Guaranteed Income Fund been open for a year, it's returns would have been very close to the Balanced fund, paying members a guaranteed 5% after tax income in retirement.

As the lowest-cost challenger brand, disrupting a $42 billion industry, our first year returns are very pleasing. 

Keep in mind that these are only short term results. KiwiSaver is a long term investment. We aim to be the tortoise, not the hare, because we all know who wins in the end.%)

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