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Simplicity celebrates its first year anniversary


The Neonatal Trust overview from The Neonatal Trust on Vimeo.

Today's our first birthday %)  

Thanks for helping make it such an amazing first year.

A year ago we expected to have 2,400 members, with $25m saved in their KiwiSaver accounts, by now.

We actually have 7,939 members with $222 million saved across all our funds, and growing quickly.

Most importantly, we're already saving members over $40,000 a week in fees, and donating almost $2,000 a week to charity. You can always check out the latest numbers here.

We're growing this fast because our members are such wonderful advocates. Thank you %) 

We're celebrating turning one by helping those who struggle to make it to their first birthday, and giving $10,000 to the Neonatal Trust.

They do fabulous work supporting the families of premature or sick full-term babies as they make their journey through neonatal intensive care, the transition home, and onwards.

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