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Generosity has its own rewards. Thank you% 


Simplicity donates 15% of its management fee to charity. It's the right thing to do, and what our members want.

This week, we're giving away our biggest donations ever, a total of $30,000. It's going to three great charities doing awesome work in areas that our members wanted us to focus on; homelessness, children at risk and financial literacy. 

Our contribution of $10,000 to Auckland City Mission went toward their 2018 Cook Off, an event that helps to fund 3,846 emergency food parcels for families in need. I spent an awesome day cooking with other CEO's to feed Auckland's neediest. The photo below is me doing food prep with Michael van de Elzen, a wonderful chef and delightful person, who was very tolerant with me in the kitchen %)

We're also giving $10,000 to The Young Enterprise Trust. They're a pioneer in financial literacy, providing Kiwi schools with tools and resources to grows their interest in learning and knowledge about money. 

And $10,000 is being given to The Graeme Dingle Foundation. They work with more than 120 schools across the country, helping pair at-risk kids with mentors to help them stay in school and to develop a belief that what they have inside them is greater than any perceived external obstacle. I've also pledged to jump off the SkyTower as part of their \"Drop Your Boss\" campaign in May. I'm scared of heights, but it's a great cause %)

In 18 months, our giving has already grown to almost $175,000 p.a. It's all possible because of our wonderful members. Thank you %)

When we have 10% market share in KiwiSaver, our donations should be over $10m p.a. Getting there is an exciting prospect, so please keep telling friends and family about Simplicity %)

We're working on a long-term donation strategy. We're taking the time to get it right, and will let you know when it's ready.

Sam and the team at Simplicity

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