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Trust begins with transparency


Trust is hard won, and easily lost. If Kiwis are going to have a more dignified retirement, they have to be able to trust their KiwiSaver provider to do the right thing. 

This is one reason we chose a nonprofit model for Simplicity. It's too tempting to be lean with the truth when the profits from poor transparency are so high. 

We think telling the whole truth leads to trust, so one of Simplicity KiwiSaver’s founding principles is to be totally transparent about fees charged to customers. You see every dollar, from the day you joined. You deserve to know.

It's a relief to see that other KiwiSaver providers are disclosing their entire fees, and they are to be applauded for their integrity.

However, there are too many providers who are deliberately obfuscating the truth about their fees. It's time they fronted up and told the entire truth.

The regulators must ensure very Kiwi saver knows exactly what they pay in fees. That applies to all savings products, not just KiwiSaver. 

Our power, phone, and rates bills all tell us the exact cost we are being charged in dollars and cents, and KiwiSaver schemes should be the same. 

We really hope that legislative changes happen sooner than later, and are simple and comprehensive.  

The reason we are so passionate about this is because fees are so high. They really matter.  

Lifetime fees for the average KiwiSaver member are $54,700, amongst the highest in the world. They're higher than lifetime bills for power ($37,200) or mobile phones ($35,900). See our main page for the assumptions.

To calculate your fees, check out the calculator reproduced Sept.19th in this NZ Herald story on fees obfuscation. 

Also check out the following Stuff.co.nz article on how Simplicity is driving the change for greater transparency and clarity on fees.

Because of it’s nonprofit and 100% online business model, Simplicity charges the lowest fees of any KiwiSaver scheme, including all default funds. 

Simplicity is all about dignity in retirement, and making you richer is our mission.


Team Simplicity