For all Simplicity KiwiSaver Funds and non KiwiSaver funds as at 25/09/2020



Simplicity launched in September 2016, and we haven’t looked back since. We're now NZ's fastest growing KiwiSaver manager, and our Investment Funds are very popular too.

Annual Fees Saved *
"For KiwiSaver fees the sum of the difference between Simplicity's Total Expense Ratio (TER) for each fund vs the average TER for all funds with the same risk profile. All data from For the Investment funds, the fees differential is calculated by Simplicity, using the fees of 7 providers with similar risk profiles.


Our members are saving an average of over $414 p.a. in fees. It's about time a fund manager focused on making money for members, not from them.

Charitable Donations So Far


15% of our fees go to the Simplicity Charitable Trust. As we grow, our donations will too.

Funds Under Management


Our KiwiSaver and Investment Funds are growing fast and it's nearly all via word of mouth %)

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