Ethical investing and the future of KiwiSaver; an interview with Sam Stubbs

The popularity of ethical investing continues to grow worldwide with an estimated USD $23 trillion now classified as socially responsible funds.*

In New Zealand, the movement has also penetrated the KiwiSaver market.

Simplicity's investment approach, outlined in greater detail here, uses an exclusion-based method restricting, for example, exposure to big tobacco, gambling, alcohol, fossil fuel extraction and nuclear weapons. 

Sam Stubbs, managing director for NZ's only nonprofit KiwiSaver provider, says the future is ethical investing. He wonders why more fund managers in New Zealand haven't done more to reduce their exposure to so-called "sin-stocks."

In this episode of Cooking the Books, with personal finance reporter Frances Cook, Mr. Stubbs explains why he thinks it's not a passing trend but a permanent shift in the investment landscape. 


* Source JPMorgan