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Simplicity launches new lookalike investment funds


Our #1 request from members (and non members) since we launched last year has been for funds that are just like our KiwiSaver but which allow you to take your money out at any time. 

We're please to announce that from April 3rd, Simplicity Investment Funds will be open to the public. For now, we're taking registrations of interest now. Click here to register.

The three funds, Conservative, Balanced and Growth, will be managed in exactly the same way as our KiwiSaver.  The key difference is investors can withdraw their money at any time. The minimum initial investment amount is $10,000.

The fees are the same as our KiwiSaver funds: $30 a year, plus $3.1 for every $1,000 invested (0.31%). This is 50-75% lower than the industry average, and the lowest (by far) in every category. Here's the annual fee comparison on a balance of $50,000.


This means a Kiwi with $50,000 invested in our growth fund, over 10 years, could be $10,000 wealthier.

To calculate your Simplicity Difference and receive a personalised report detailing investment amounts and savings, click here. 

Just like our KiwiSaver, all funds exclude investments in nuclear weapons, cluster bombs, mines and tobacco. And, just like our KiwiSaver, we will donate 15% of our fees to charity.

Head on over to www.simplicityfunds.kiwi to learn more.

Sam and the Team at Simplicity