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Simplicity makes $55k donation to help boost Kiwi bird population


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At Simplicity, we're all about helping Kiwis. It's what we do and what we stand for.

And with our latest donation, we're doing just that. Literally %)

The Simplicity Charitable Trust is proud to announce a $55,000 donation to Kiwis for Kiwi, to help preserve our national treasure.

The funding will go towards a dedicated Kiwi incubation, hatching and brooding facility, which opens in October within the grounds of the Wairakei Sanctuary, North of Taupo.

Our $55,000 donation will pay for incubators, brooder boxes, electronic scales and feeding facilities.

Kiwis for Kiwi director Michelle Impey said the burrow will assist with a national strategy to reverse the Kiwis declining population from a negative 2% p.a. to an increase of 2% over 2017 to 2027. 

\"We're getting closer to our goal of taking Kiwi from endangered to everywhere,\" she said.

As a fledgeling Kiwi start-up, Simplicity takes great pride in the incubation and nurturing phase of the chicks. And like any expectant parent, we can't wait for the births!

Since inception, the Simplicity Charitable Trust has donated over $450,000, growing by more than $1,000 per day. We're also saving our members a combined $25,000 in fees everyday %)

Today, we also hit $900 million in funds under management and we aren't even three years old yet. 

The faster we grow, the more we can help. So please keep spreading the word. 



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