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Simplicity charitable donations reach $1 million


Celebrating 1 million

We've now given over a million dollars to charity, and we couldn't be happier %)

While charitable giving has always been a key part of the Simplicity ethos, Managing Director Sam Stubbs admitted he was surprised at how quickly a million dollars of donations had been reached. 

Simplicity’s charitable giving to date has been focussed on children in need, the environment and the homeless. It recently included over $100,000 of donations to support charities helping kiwis during the Covid-19 lockdown. There's more information about all the donations here.

As well as celebrating giving a million dollars to charity, the Simplicity Charitable Trust announced today their first major multi-year grant, to Trees that Count, a leading conservation charity connecting businesses, communities and everyday Kiwis to plant native trees. 

Over the next four years the Trust aims to plant a tree for every member. We've already planted the first 2,500 trees on Motutapu Island, and we'll plant another 15,000 across New Zealand this year. Find out more here

“Simplicity members told us a focus of our giving should be on climate change and the environment, so we’re planting lots of native trees,” explained Mr Stubbs.

There are a lot of benefits of planting native trees, such as carbon storage.

“Over time, native trees can store as much carbon as pine," said Mr Stubbs. "But more importantly they also provide habitat for native species, and are better at stopping erosion and keeping waterways clean.”

“We listened to our members’ concerns. If their children and grandchildren could enjoy the legacy of thriving native forests, flourishing birdlife and a more stable climate, we should help make that happen.”