Your retirement
income guaranteed

With Simplicity you can retire with a guaranteed income for the rest of your life.

How it works

Our Guaranteed Income Fund pays you 5% in retirement, after tax and fees, for the rest of your life.

Payments are on the same day as NZ Super, and the same every time.

Payments are higher if you invest after 65. You can lock in your retirement income before 65 too.

The income is paid from your returns, and capital if necessary. An insurance policy guarantees the same income payments, even if your investment goes to zero.

You can access some or all of your money at any time, without penalty. The fund balance gets paid to your estate.

The charges are the same as our other KiwiSaver funds, plus an insurance premium of 1.3% to guarantee your income. The minimum investment amount is $20,000.

For more details see our FAQs below or the Product Disclosure Statement here.
How your money is protected

All fund investments are held for your benefit by the Government owned Public Trust, as Trustee and Supervisor.

Simplicity is a non profit KiwiSaver Manager, licenced and regulated by the Financial Markets Authority.

Income payments are insured by Lifetime, a NZ insurance company licenced and regulated by the Reserve Bank.

The fund is diversified, with over 3,000 investments in 23 countries. NZ investments are managed by Simplicity and overseas ones by Vanguard, the worlds second largest asset manager.
What the experts say

Michael Cullen
Former Minister of Finance

Diana Crossan
Former Retirement Commissioner

Michael Cullen
Former Minister of Finance

Diana Crossan
Former Retirement Commissioner

What would my income be?
I'm investing
$ at age


My Investment:  $350,000

Age:  65

Guaranteed fortnightly after tax income:  $673.08 i.e. 5.1% per annum

Income Lasts :  For Life

Access to your money:  At any time

Balance paid:  To your estate

These are projections only, assuming an annualised before tax return of 5.93%, Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR) of 17.5% and fees of 1.6%, comprising 0.3% fund management fees and 1.3% insurance fee. The projections are before inflation, and assume that fees and returns remain constant. The actual returns of the fund will vary, as will your balance in the fund. The guaranteed income amount will remain the same, regardless of movements in your fund balance.

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