KiwiSaver Simplicity difference calculator

You are years old and
earn $ a year. Your current
KiwiSaver balance is $Leave blank if you don’t know, we’ll use the average member balance.

Your Simplicity Difference

Switch to Simplicity Growth Fund and you could have around
589,000 by the time you're 65.

Your Simplicity difference could be 41,000

Apply 2% inflation

KiwiSaver Fees Calculator

Fees really matter. This calculator shows what fees you pay each year and how that compares to other KiwiSaver providers.

Where in the world is my money?

See exactly where your KiwiSaver savings will be invested. We’re all about transparency, because it’s your money. %)

Fund Selector

Choosing your fund type is an important decision that will impact your long term returns.

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