KiwiSaver Simplicity difference calculator

You are years old and
earn $ a year. Your current
KiwiSaver balance is $Leave blank if you don’t know, we’ll use the average member balance.

Your Simplicity Difference

Switch to Simplicity and you could have around
589,000 by the time you're 65.

Your Simplicity difference could be 41,000

Calculated by comparing average fees charged for KiwiSaver growth funds vs our growth fund. Assumes growth rate of 6.67%, 6% contributions, Prescribed Investor Rate of 17.5% and 1% pa salary growth. All calculations are Simplicity estimates. This example is for illustration purposes only, to show the compounding effect of reduced fees. Actual performance will differ, and no particular return can be promised or guaranteed. Investment in a growth fund may not be appropriate and investors should get financial advice. All figures supplied by Melville Jessop Weaver

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