We are SimplicityTM

We help manage your money.

But we're not a bank.

We keep our fees low.

We don't make a profit.

Because that’s what’s right.

That’s what’s fair.

We are SimplicityTM

We’re New Zealand.

We’re one big family.

Because money should

make smiles %)

Not frowns.

For all of you.

For everyone.

Every. Single. Kiwi.

Sure, we know we’ll have to work

pretty hard to help you believe this.

Be cynical.

Ask questions

That’s okay.

It keeps us honest.

And will make us work hard.

Because you work hard.

To earn your money.

We want to do it differently.

Turn things upside down.

Without big bonuses

So we asked ourselves...

Can we work hard.

To make more money for you

Not from you?

With as much extra cash as possible

for your retired days.

Because it’s a simple truth.

It's your savings.

Not ours.

Not the banks.


For your family.

Your future.

So, hello.

We are SimplicityTM

The nonprofit KiwiSaver manager